20 Computer Science Internships for High School Students in 2023 (2023)

20 Computer Science Internships for High School Students in 2023 (1)

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Are you a programming whiz? Do you hope to pursue a career in computer science—software development, cybersecurity, or another niche? Then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the best computer science internships and programs for high school students, because it’s never too early to get a head start on a successful future.

20 Computer Science Internships for High School Students

1. Anson L. Clark Scholars Program

Application Deadline: February 13

Duration: Seven weeks (June through August)

Through this seven-week, intensive research program, 12 juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on research in a variety of areas, including computer science, at Texas Tech University with faculty. Scholars receive room and board, and at the successful completion of a project report, they will earn a $750 stipend. In addition to research, scholars will participate in activities, seminars, and field trips.

2. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) High School Apprenticeship

Application Deadline: March 5

Duration: Varies

The AEOP High School Apprenticeship allows students to spend their summer taking part in innovative research at a university research lab or one of the U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers. Along with learning how to use high-tech equipment and cutting-edge techniques, students will receive mentorship from practitioners while connecting with a community of like-minded peers and near-peer mentors.

Students will also have access to AEOP’s webinar series on STEM careers, research areas, and more, as well as workshops on college readiness and professional skills. Apprentices receive a stipend for their work.

3. Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS)

Application Deadline: April 14

Duration: Three weeks (July)

CS4CS is a “barrier-breaking” introduction to computer science and cybersecurity for high schoolers. This free, three-week opportunity is held through NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. The mission is to empower women and minorities, typically underrepresented in STEM, to become leaders in the field. No background experience in cybersecurity or computer programming is required.

From white-hate hacking to digital forensics, the program covers broad and niche topics. To be considered, you must be entering 9th-12th grade in September 2022 and live in one of New York City’s five boroughs or a neighboring city (e.g. Jersey City, Newark, or Hempstead).

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4. Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

Application Deadline: N/A

Duration: N/A

A free, two-week program for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, SIP gives future STEM professionals exposure to the field of computer science. Through the program, students (girls and non-binary individuals) around the world will learn about tech jobs and meet like-minded peers.

Along with participating in engaging projects virtually, students will learn critical computer science concepts and practice in smaller breakout groups.

5. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

Application Deadline: N/A

Duration: Four weeks

CSSI is a four-week introduction to computer science for rising college freshmen, particularly those who have been marginalized in the field. The program is intended to provide an intensive, interactive experience in computer science and inspire them to earn a degree in tech, as well as help them build their technical skills and confidence. Participants will also get an inside look at Google’s environment and culture.

6. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Summer High School Intern Program Research

Application Deadline: February 14

Duration: Eight weeks (June through August)

Divided into six NIST laboratories, NIST performs research in a variety of engineering and physical sciences topics. Through this program, students may work in any of these laboratories:

  • Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL)
  • Engineering Laboratory (EL)
  • Information Technology Laboratory (ITL)
  • Material Measurement Laboratory (MML)
  • NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR)
  • Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML)

Students apply to the specific lab that interests them. The program is open to high school juniors and seniors with an interest in scientific research.

7. National Security Agency Student Programs

Application Deadline: October 31

Duration: Varies

The NSA provides a number of opportunities for students, including internships and scholarships. (Bear in mind that the Agency selects candidates for its programs up to a year in advance, so students should apply early for a better chance at acceptance.)

One notable opportunity is the Stokes Program, open to high school seniors, especially minority students, who intend to major in computer science or computer/electrical engineering. Your college costs will be fully compensated up to $30k per year and you’ll earn a year-round salary. In return, you must work at the NSA for at least 1.5 times the length of study upon graduation. Participants are also required to work at the NSA during their summer breaks. To participate, students must have certain minimum GPAs and test scores.

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8. Research in Science & Engineering (RISE) Internship

Application Deadline: February 14

Duration: Six weeks (July through August)

A six-week program for academically-motivated rising seniors, RISE gives students the opportunity to conduct real research under the guidance of Boston University faculty, postdoctoral fellow, or graduate student mentor. There are a number of STEM tracks available, including computer science.

In addition to partaking in a research project, you’ll present your work at a Poster Symposium and may even be able to submit it to national contests. You’ll also participate in weekly workshops that will help you gain insight and skills necessary for being a valuable contributor to the STEM community.

9. Sandia Internships

Application Deadline: Varies

Duration: Varies

Sandia encourages students from high school to the Ph.D. level to tackle real-world, challenging projects that impact the nation and globe. Interns partake in projects, often at technical institutes, in disciplines like cybersecurity, software development, and more. In their roles, students will receive mentorship and have the opportunity to engage in social activities.

Students will be paid for their work and potentially receive academic credit, along with training and practical work experience. The program is open to high school students 16 years and older—those pursuing R&D and technical positions will need a minimum 3.0 GPA.

10. Simons Summer Research Program

Application Deadline: Varies

Duration: Seven weeks (June 26 through August 11)

Participate in hands-on research under the guidance of faculty mentors. In this program, you’ll learn laboratory techniques and tools, be a part of an active research team, and get a taste of college life. Along with their work, apprentices attend weekly faculty talks and participate in events. At the culmination of the program, apprentices produce a written abstract and research poster.

The apprenticeship is open to rising seniors.

11. Spark Summer Internship Program

Application Deadline: April 1

Duration: June through August

Through Spark SIP, high school students will be able to connect with industry experts, educators, and mentors in disciplines like computer science. While participating in research in real-world settings, students receive mentorship from these industry leaders.

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12. Tech360

Application Deadline:

  • June 5 – New York City and Los Angeles County
  • July 17 – Miami-Dade and Broward County

Duration: Three weeks (July and August)

This three-week program is open to 10th- and 11th-grade students enrolled in New York City (all boroughs), Los Angeles County, Miami-Dade, and Broward County high schools. The program teaches students how to code through web design and development. At the culmination of the program, participants will work in teams to create a website and present it to their peers. Students receive a $500 stipend upon successful completion of the program.

13. Microsoft Discovery Program

Application Deadline: March 14

Duration: Four weeks (July through August)

The Microsoft Discovery Program is open to rising seniors with an interest in technology who live within 50 miles of Redmond, Washington. Participants will learn the fundamentals of programming and get firsthand experience working at one of the world’s largest technology companies. Students will also receive mentorship from Microsoft employees and build valuable career skills.

14. MITRE Nationwide High School Student Program

Application Deadline: N/A

Duration: Eight weeks (beginning in June)

The MITRE Nationwide High School Student Program provides students with the chance to participate in a paid, eight-week internship aimed at making the world a safer place. Positions are available in fields such as research, development, engineering, and analysis and are open to students 14 years of age or older.

15. Meta Summer Academy

Application Deadline: March 1

Duration: Six weeks (June through July)

This awesome opportunity offers students the chance to gain real-world experience working at one of the world’s largest social media companies. Meta Summer Academy participants receive mentorship, build career skills, explore career paths, and learn about the day-to-day operations of a leading technology company.

This program is open to students from:

  • East Palo Alto
  • Belle Haven
  • North Fair Oaks
  • Redwood City

Participants must also have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

16. MITES Summer

Application Deadline: February 1

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Duration: Six weeks (June through August)

This free, on-campus program aims to introduce students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to STEM fields at one of the nation’s top schools, MIT. MITES packs a semester of college into one summer program—participants will take five classes along with participating in labs, workshops, special events, and tours. The program is open to super-motivated high school juniors and students from underrepresented backgrounds and underserved communities, along with potential first-generation college students.

17. Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Scholars (CSS)

Application Deadline: March 15

Duration: Four weeks (July)

Carnegie Mellon’s CSS is a grant-funded, merit-based program that introduces students from backgrounds historically excluded from STEM fields to computer science. Participants learn about the world of computer science through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on research projects, faculty lectures, and programs in conjunction with the country’s leading tech companies. The program is open to current high school sophomores who are 16 years of age or older. Preference is given to students historically excluded from computer science—for example, certain ethnicities, genders, social classes, or family experiences attending college.

18. Forage Virtual Work Experience Programs

Application Deadline: Varies

Duration: Five to six hours

Forage provides students with bite-sized experiences at some of the world’s top companies in a variety of fields, including computer science. Partners include companies like Electronic Arts, Lyft, and SAP. Programs are just five to six hours long and are designed to provide students with insight into what a day of work is like and the skills needed for a successful career. All Forage programs are open-source and free.

19. Fermilab TARGET

Application Deadline: February 1

Duration: Seven weeks (June through August)

TARGET is open to Illinois high school sophomores and juniors with an interest in and aptitude for physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. This highly competitive opportunity only selects between 15 and 25 participants annually. Priority is given to minorities underrepresented in the STEM fields and women. To participate, you must be enrolled in an Illinois high school and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

20. Data Science Institute (DSI) Summer Lab at the University of Chicago

Application Deadline: February 20

Duration: Ten weeks

The DSI Summer Lab program is an immersive 10-week paid summer research program that pairs high school (freshman through seniors), undergraduate, and UChicago Masters students with a data science mentor to work on a research project. Projects are available in a variety of computer-focused fields, such as computer systems and architecture, hardware and devices, and networking. High school participants will earn a $5,625 stipend for participating in the program.

How Much Do Internships Impact Your College Chances?

Extracurricular activities are divided into four tiers, with tier 1 representing the most exceptional and rare extracurriculars and tier 4 representing the most common activities admissions committees see.

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If you’re applying to highly-selective schools, we recommend having at least a few tier 1 and 2 activities to set yourself apart from other applicants. Internships vary in terms of rigor and selectivity, but prestigious, national programs in particular can certainly fall into tiers 1 or 2.

If you’re curious about how your computer science or other internship stacks up, use CollegeVine’s free chancing engine. This tool will give you a more granular view of how your activities impact your chances of admission at hundreds of schools across the U.S. Plus, you’ll receive tips for improving your profile.


What is the best internship for computer science students? ›

  • Information Security Analyst jobs.
  • Automotive Engineer jobs.
  • Web Development Manager jobs.
  • Hardware Engineer jobs.
  • Data Analyst jobs.
  • Python Developer jobs.
  • Finance Intern jobs.
  • Crestron Electronics jobs.

What percent of CS students get an internship? ›

Computer science interns are 34% more likely to work at education companies in comparison to private companies.
Computer Science Internship Gender By Year.
8 more rows
Sep 9, 2022

Can high schoolers get internships at Google? ›

Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) at Google

While Google only offers internship positions in various fields like business, engineering, and technology to undergraduate and graduate students, CSSI has a summer program at Google open to high school seniors entering a four-year undergraduate program.

How do I get computer science experience in high school? ›

How can I get started in CS as a high schooler?
  1. Take a CS class at your school. One thing you can do to get started in CS as a high schooler is to take a CS class at your high school. ...
  2. Join a CS-related club at your school. ...
  3. Doing coding projects. ...
  4. Attending hackathons.
Dec 1, 2021

What GPA is good for CS internships? ›

Interns spend the summer working on unique projects and activities. Possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale for undergraduate students or 3.0 or above on a 4.0

What GPA do you need for computer science internship? ›

Computer science internships often expect you to have a minimum college GPA. While some companies expect 2.75, others require a 3.0.

What GPA is competitive for internships? ›

In general, if you need a certain GPA to apply, recruiters look for applicants with a 3.0 or greater.

What is the dropout rate for CS? ›

Eitan Regev recently published a study which sheds some light on the emerging reality in the field – while the percentage of students who drop out of all fields of study is 22%, the dropout rate from mathematics and computer science degrees is 32%. This is 10% more than the general average.

How much does GPA matter for internships? ›

A strong GPA can help you secure an internship in college. Internships are important because they give you hands-on experience in your chosen field. Because paid and unpaid internships are highly competitive, prospective programs often screen candidates using GPA.

Can a 17 year old do an internship? ›

There is no age for the job so you can do the internship but also go through the job description of the company as some companies only take adults for work so, please take a look at the Job Description of the company so that all confusion will be resolved.

How to get an internship at 17? ›

Position yourself to get noticed by employers and acquire as much work-related experience as you can to make yourself stand out among your peers.
  1. Create an Impressive Resume. Develop a strong resume. ...
  2. Tap Your Contacts. ...
  3. Consider Job Shadowing. ...
  4. Research Intern Opportunities. ...
  5. Apply for Internships. ...
  6. Prepare for the Interview.

What are the odds of getting an internship at Google? ›

Google consistently ranks as one of the world's best employers, and it's for a reason. Some put their internship acceptance rate at only 2%, and many have said it's harder to get an internship at Google than it is to get admitted into Stanford University.

Is it worth it to take computer science in high school? ›

A leg up in computer science opens the door to 48 college majors and 130+ careers, making this subject one of the most versatile out there. Plus, of all the STEM fields out there, computer science is proving to be the most lucrative and fast-growing.

Should I take computer science with no experience? ›

Not only do you not need any prior knowledge to get into and earn a CS degree, but the doors it can open for you also are incredible (and growing every year). It's an especially opportune time to look into computer science careers.

How hard is computer science in high school? ›

The short answer is “yes.” Search any list of majors to study, and you'll likely find that computer science tops the list as one of the most challenging disciplines to learn. Compared to other fields of study, pursuing a career in computer science requires both technical and analytical skill sets.

Should I put 3.7 GPA on resume? ›

If your GPA is 3.5 or higher (on a 4-point scale), put it on your resume. When your professional experience is non-existent, your GPA could be seen as a kind of performance indicator by certain employers.

What GPA does Google look for? ›

Contrary to myth, new college grads don't need a 3.7-or-higher GPA to get hired at Google, says a new book. What they do need: Passion for technology and a track record of stellar achievement. Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. average is below 3.7, and mine is barely 3.0.

Does NASA care about GPA? ›

Interested applicants must be: U.S. Citizen. Cumulative 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) 16 years of age at the time of application.

Does Apple ask for GPA? ›

What are the school requirements? You must be enrolled in classes at a designated college or university throughout your employment and have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher. You should be able to balance your planned school load with your work as an Apple Support College Advisor.

Can I get a job with a 3.4 GPA? ›

Having a GPA in that range can indicate to employers that you put hard work and dedication into your schoolwork. A 3.0 to 3.4 GPA is often considered average, though some employers suggest including any GPA that is at least 3.0.

Should I put 3.4 GPA on resume? ›

While there's no clear-cut rule that dictates when to include your GPA, most career experts say to only keep it on a resume if it's over 3.5.

When you get rejected for an internship? ›

First things first, reply to the employer the same day you hear from them. Yes, they just gave you a “Sorry, not this time.”, but thank them again for their time and the opportunity to apply. If you'd be interested in future opportunities with the company, let them know that you'd love to be considered.

Do internships look at college transcripts? ›

Note. Some internships require a letter of recommendation or your official college transcripts. By starting the process early, you won't lose out on your dream internship because you were waiting on materials from a secondary party.

Is CS hard for a average student? ›

Learning the discipline of Computer Science is a hard and difficult endeavor for most students. However, if you are willing to invest the time and learn serious time management skills, most students can successfully learn the discipline and pursue successful careers in Computer Science fields.

Is Comp Sci harder than IT? ›

Which Is More Difficult Computer Science or Information Technology? A degree in computer science is required for more advanced positions in the information technology field. It is typically harder to get a job in computer science.

Why do most people drop out of computer science? ›

Lack of required skills, such as quantitative skills and mathematics. Students who sign up for Computer Science build on their excitement from computers and technology. They don't necessarily realize that computer studies include a major mathematics part, for which they lack the proper skills.

Do employers care about GPA computer science? ›

Yes. But only for your first job, and it doesn't need to be 4.0. I'd love to say it didn't matter at all, but to be very honest, a GPA under below 3.0 is going to raise very serious questions. The fact is, it's not difficult to maintain a solid GPA at most American universities — especially the selective ones.

How can I secure my internship with a low GPA? ›

How To Get an Internship with a Low GPA
  1. School is not about what you learn; it is how you learn how to learn. ...
  2. Study Your Syllabus. ...
  3. Build a relationship with your professor. ...
  4. Take advantage of your TA. ...
  5. Studying with online content. ...
  6. Attendance / Routine. ...
  7. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.
Nov 20, 2018

Do employers look at high school grades? ›

As part of the review process, some employers request information on your academic performance in high school or college. If your academic performance was imperfect, you may have concerns about how your grades might influence employer decisions.

What is the youngest age to be an intern? ›

At What Age Can You Be an Intern? While it's possible to get an internship at as young as 14 years old, many employers will likely have their own age restrictions set at 16 years old or above.

Does age matter in internship? ›

Internships do not have age limit specifically for all the organisation. Some organizations accept interns age 16 and older, while others set the minimum at 18. In some fields, it may be downright unsafe to have children in the workplace, or a company's insurance company may forbid workers under a certain age.

How old is an normal intern? ›

The average age of an employed general internship is 47 years old.
General Internship Gender By Year.
8 more rows
Sep 9, 2022

Can a 16 year old work at Microsoft? ›

There are no formal age requirements to work at Microsoft, but most entry-level positions require a college degree, and some require years of relevant work experience.

What year do most students get internships? ›

Many college students pursue internships during their junior or senior year of school. However, it's never too early to begin applying and participating in internship programs, especially programs that are directly related to your career path.

Is 25 too old for an internship? ›

You're Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Potential employers appreciate it when interviewees, especially older ones, take the initiative to get the experience they need to get the job they want. It may feel like a step back to take an internship, especially if you've been in the workforce for years.

What is Google acceptance rate 2023? ›

Book a session now! Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to land a job at Google? Well, as it turns out, it's more difficult than getting into the most exclusive university in the world—Stanford. While Stanford accepts around 3.95% of applicants, Google's acceptance rate sits at around 0.67%.

Do most interns get hired? ›

56% of all interns in the United States have accepted job offers from the company they interned for. An additional 14% of all interns in the U.S. are given a part-time job offer after completing their internship. 80% of interns who are extended job offers at the company where they interned accept them.

Does Google internship ask for GPA? ›

Officially, there is no minimum requirement for GPA if you want to be considered for an internship or full-time position at Google. However, you'd be best advised to have a score of at least 3.0 to avoid any awkward questions that you might not be able to answer to their satisfaction.

What is a good CS intern salary? ›

How much does a Computer Science Intern make? As of Mar 5, 2023, the average annual pay for a Computer Science Intern in the United States is $40,235 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $19.34 an hour.

Which internship is best for science students? ›

Here are some of the most common internships for natural sciences majors.
  • Education intern. An education internship prepares you for a career as a teacher or educational consultant in the natural sciences. ...
  • Research intern. ...
  • Pre-med intern. ...
  • Data science intern. ...
  • Environmental science intern. ...
  • Science journalism intern.

Do you need an internship for CS? ›

While some may believe that an internship is less necessary for a career as a programmer and is more important for those entering research, all experience will surely help you along your career in computer science and be beneficial on your resume.

Which internship is best for CSE students 2nd year? ›

On the basis of interest and skills, there are a multiple technology related internships for cse students,
  • Web technology.
  • Android development.
  • Machine learning.
  • IOT.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Networking.
  • Data Science.

Is $20 an hour good for an internship? ›

Yes, $20 an hour is good for an internship.

The average pay for an internship is $15 to $23 an hour. Not all Internships are paid. However, many unpaid internships do provide some level of compensation, be it course credit or covering the cost of living expenses.

Is CS a stressful job? ›

The job can be stressful at times, but computer programmers are compensated well for any anxiety they might experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects -10.2% employment growth for computer programmers between 2021 and 2031. In that period, an estimated 17,800 jobs will be lost.

Is CS a stressful career? ›

While working as a computer engineer might be stressful at times and in specific settings, the job itself is not all that terrible. Every work has some amount of stress; therefore, you cannot avoid it.

How can I get a good computer science internship? ›

5 tips for finding a computer science internship successfully
  1. Attend career fairs. Career fairs may have declined in popularity, but they are still great opportunities for landing your next internship. ...
  2. Browse company websites. ...
  3. Attend corporate events. ...
  4. Upload your resume and create an online portfolio. ...
  5. Use online resources.
Jul 1, 2022

What type of internships pay the most? ›

Overall, the survey shows tech companies offer the most lucrative internships. But there are big-money opportunities in finance, product management and marketing, as well.

Are internships impressive to colleges? ›

Including a quality internship on your college application demonstrates that you are a dedicated student who takes education seriously – an asset to any college or university! It's no secret that college admissions have become more competitive than ever.

Can I get a CS job without a degree? ›

While some potential employers may prefer at least an associate degree, you can get computer science jobs without a degree as long as you have the right skills. Computer science (CS) degrees are just one way to prepare for a tech career.

Can I get a CS internship as a sophomore? ›

While it is true that many internship opportunities are geared towards students in their junior year, an increasing number of companies are creating first-year and/or sophomore-focused internship programs.

How long is CS internship? ›

Components of TrainingEarlier Training Structure
Executive Development ProgrammeEight days
Long Terms Internship with specified entitiesFifteen months (After passing Executive Programme)
Professional Development ProgrammeTwenty-five hours
Training with specialised agencyFifteen days
3 more rows

Should I apply for 2 internships? ›

Internships are often highly competitive, with many applicants applying for a single position. To increase the likelihood that you will earn an interview and, ultimately, an internship, you should apply to 10 to 20 internships every two or three weeks.

What to do to get internship at Microsoft? ›

To be considered for an internship, you need to be enrolled full-time as a student majoring in an applicable field and should be returning to university/college for at least a term, semester or quarter following your internship period. Internship opportunities vary depending on education level and/or location.


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