10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (2023)

A re you looking to build the best Contact Us page possible on your website?

A contact page might seem simple enough on the surface, but there are actually a lot of important factors to consider before you create your own!

The perfect contact us page will help you…

  • Get more – and BETTER – leads
  • Reduce spam in your inbox
  • Save time on back-and-forth emails
  • Cut down on irrelevant sales pitches

Looking for the best contact us page examples for inspiration?

Whether you’re just starting a blog for the first time or have had a website for a while, it’s never too late to create the perfect contact page.

We’ll jump right into those contact page examples, but if you want to skip ahead to tips and best practices you can use this table of contents:

In This Guide:

  • The 10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web
  • What is a contact page, exactly?
  • Why is contact information important on a website?
  • What should be on a contact us page?
  • What fields should you include on your contact form?
  • Where should you put a contact form on your contact page?
  • How do I add a Google Map to my website?

Let’s begin!

The 10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web

Sometimes, just by examining a good Contact Us page, you can get some inspiration to tweak your own, so you can increase conversions or prevent losing a potential client.

So let’s take a look at 10 of the best Contact Us pages from around the web.

1. Grammarly

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (2)

The Grammarly Contact page is at the top of our list of best contact us pages because it’s clean and uncluttered and makes it obvious you have 3 options to choose from: Press, Support or Sales.

  • Press takes you to a selection of press and media releases that may address your inquiry. If not, there’s a specific press email address to contact.
  • The Support option directs you to the support portal where you can search for answers in the knowledgebase, contact specific teams like Accounts and Billing, or go to a general contact us page.
  • Clicking Sales leads you to a new page where you have to complete a contact us form:
10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (3)

Overall, everything is easy-to-follow and the page design matches the company branding.

2. Moz

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (4)

The Moz Contact Page starts as a submenu item of the About page. But their message is clear: “We’d love to hear from you!”

Following that warm welcome is their physical office address (there’s a map at the bottom of the page too) and then a button to click if you want to contact the company help team.

Clicking the button takes you to the contact help form, which includes a dropdown selection on the first field so your inquiry can be directed to the correct team.

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (5)

After that, there are a couple of email address fields to complete, one that you prefer to be contacted at and one that’s associated with your Moz account. And finally, there’s a field to enter the details of your request before pressing the Submit button.

3. WPForms

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (6)

WPForms makes our list of the best contact us pages because it’s so helpful to visitors. This Contact Page presents you with 2 options: Technical questions or Basic questions.

The Technical question route takes you to the support documentation where you can search for an answer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then there’s a simple form to complete:

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (7)

The form includes options so you can select the correct team for your inquiry, such as Bug report and Feature request. And on the right-hand side of the page is some guidance on customer service hours and when to expect a response.

Clicking the Basic question opens a simple contact us form below where you can ask a pre-sales question or make a general inquiry:

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (8)

4. Gill Andrews

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (9)

Web consultant Gill Andrews starts her Contact Page with a slightly tongue-in-cheek message that informs website visitors they can either use the contact form or email her:

It’s a catch-all for those that don’t like using forms. And it states quite clearly that she usually replies within 48 hours so visitors know what to expect.

Then there’s a note about what she’s not interested in hearing about, like guest posts and link exchanges!

If you find yourself too many messages you don’t want or need, it may be worth doing something similar. Although you can’t stop visitors from submitting inquiries, you can at least tell them what you won’t reply to.

For example, while some blogs are happy to receive guest posts, others aren’t, so you can make it clear what your position is.

5. John Espirian

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (10)

For the ultimate short contact form, check out John Espirian’s contact page where he asks for just your name, email address, and message.

It’s a reminder not to ask for information you don’t require if you want to get more form conversions.

Even though it’s short, the form fits with John’s branding and business as a technical copywriter. And for those “old school” people who prefer not to use a form, he provides his email address and business phone number below the form:

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (11)

6. Yeti

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (12)

Yeti has a great contact page that starts with a lovely scenic image, which fits perfectly with their outdoor branding.

Underneath is a funny intro line that also fits with their brand: “While we’re good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.”

Then they provide 3 contact options: phone, email, or a simple contact form.

7. PayPal

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (13)

The PayPal Contact Us Page uses menu-driven options to direct you to the correct team.

They start the page with a welcome line that sets expectations that they can help you quickly: “Tell us about your issue so we can help you more quickly.”

Then you have a choice to search for your issue or click one of the options, like Password and account access or Account profile and set up, so that your inquiry goes to the right team.

Underneath the smart form, there’s a choice of further contact options, including Chat, Email, Phone, and a Community Forum:

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (14)

Either way, they’ve covered all angles.

8. Beardbrand

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (15)

The Beardbrand Contact Us Page is in keeping with the rest of their site where they use minimal black and white for navigation and descriptions, and then let their product images shine in full color.

It’s a reminder that you don’t need to have an elaborate eye catching design and that using simple text with plenty of white space can be just as effective, as long as it’s in keeping with the rest of your site.

9. Wonderlass

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (16)

The Wonderlass Contact Page starts with a warm welcome to encourage you to get in touch.

Quickly followed with a “But first…” message.

Underneath, Allison lists a few reasons why you shouldn’t get in touch.

For example, she explains that she doesn’t have time to give personalized advice to everyone via her contact page. Instead, she directs visitors seeking advice to check out her podcasts and courses. This is an excellent time-saver for both sides and sets expectations from the start.

Allison finishes her contact page with a contact form where she asks for typical info like your name, email address, and message. But there’s also a drop-down box to select your reason for contacting her:

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (17)

Again, this implies, that you should only contact her for one these reasons, and that anything else will be ignored.

10. Brandaffair

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (18)

The Brandaffair Contact Page is quite different. But then again, they are a creative agency.

They’ve designed an interactive fill-in-the-blanks type form:

Hello, my name is [your name] and my email address is [your email] and I would like to discuss about [this project].

Instead of completing form fields in a typical form like we’ve seen in the other examples, they gather information by filling in the blanks in a sentence.

What’s pleasing here is that Brandaffair have kept the web design of the page in line with the rest of the site and made all the contact information easy to access.

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Contact Page FAQs

In this section, we’ll tackle some of the most common questions about contact pages.

What is a contact page, exactly?

A contact page is one of the main pages on a website. It allows visitors to contact the site owner, or a specific department, such as sales or support team. Usually it will include a contact form so visitors can easily get in touch with the website owners.

Why is contact information important on a website?

Contact pages are typically one of the most-visited pages on a website, along with the Homepage, the About Us page and the Blog page.

Research from Komarketing found that 64% of visitors want to see the website’s contact details when they land on a new site. Having a contact page instills trust that real people manage the site and can be contacted.

So make sure your contact page is easy to find from your menu (either at the top or bottom of the page) and can be accessed from any page on your site.

What should be on a contact us page?

A contact page should provide a way for visitors to get in touch with you. So you should include at least one of the following options:

  • An email address. Some sites make this a clickable link while others use plain text.
  • A physical address. Some sites also include a map showing directions.
  • A contact form where visitors enter their name, email address, and their inquiry before clicking a submit or send button. Some sites add more fields, but take care not to ask for too much unnecessary information.
  • A telephone number (or several numbers for different departments like sales and support). Some sites now include clickable phone numbers so that users can dial directly from their smart phone.
  • A Live Chat message box. These are popular on ecommerce sites and service-based businesses that need to respond quickly.
  • Links to social media accounts. These are often displayed as icons or buttons for visitors to click.

You probably don’t need ALL those options on your site. Just a contact form is perfect for most sites.

It’s also helpful to your visitors if you set some expectations and let them know how long they’ll typically have to wait for a response.

What fields should you include on your contact form?

The fewer fields you have, the more people will fill out your form.

To reduce form abandonment, it’s smart to only ask for information you absolutely need. For many bloggers, you’ll only need to ask for the visitor’s:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Message

That’s all!

If you find that you often have to ask the same follow-up questions, or you’re getting too many irrelevant messages, then it’d be smart to consider asking for more information up front.

For example, you might want to weed out bad leads by asking for their budget first, or ask people when is the best time to reach them on the phone if you need to call them to follow up.

This will save time for you and your visitors.

Where should you put a contact form on your contact page?

To make it easy for your visitors to contact you, you should include the form at the top of the page so it can be easily found without scrolling or searching.

Your contact form should be the first thing they see when the contact page loads.

How do I add a Google Map to my website?

This is easy to do and will be very helpful to your visitors if you have a physical location they’re looking to visit.

It will also save you time, since you won’t have to deal with people contacting you to ask for directions.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to display a map on your contact us page.

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (19)

Back to the top

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired after checking out all these cool Contact Us pages!

What’s your favorite Contact Us page? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you’re ready to create your own contact page, we recommend using WPForms Lite. WPForms Lite is the most popular drag and drop form builder, it’s super easy to use, and it’s free.

10 Best Contact Us Pages on the Web (+ How to Create Your Own) (20)

Check out our tutorial on how to create a contact form in WordPress for step-by-step instructions.

And the Pro version of WPForms can help you take your contact forms to the next level with features like:

  • Multi-page forms
  • File uploads
  • Payment integrations
  • Addons to collect signatures, accept guest post submissions, capture partial leads, and more

Don’t forget to sign up to our email newsletter so you can get useful content like this sent right to your inbox!


What should be on the contact us page of a website? ›

What should be included on my Contact Us page? Many business Contact pages include one or more of the following elements: a contact form, an email address, a contact phone number, a live chat option, a text number, an FAQ, and links to a help center or guides. Local companies often include a map and a physical address.

How do I create a contact form for my website? ›

How to Create an HTML Contact Form
  1. Choose an HTML editor.
  2. Create a new file with the. HTML extension.
  3. Create a new file with the. PHP extension.
  4. Generate the PHP code to capture form data.
  5. Create your HTML contact form.
  6. Add additional fields.
Oct 31, 2022

What does a good contact page look like? ›

A well-designed contact page should include several elements, such as a phone number, email address, and social media links. In addition, a Contact Us page must be easily visible on your navigation bar. It can be frustrating for a consumer to hunt through a website to find out how to contact a company.

How do I create a unique page? ›

So, let's take a look at some of those important web design principles that can make your website stand out in the market.
  1. Stay Simple. ...
  2. It Has To Be Informative. ...
  3. Pick Right Colors. ...
  4. Use Right Fonts. ...
  5. Allow Your Site To Communicate With Users. ...
  6. Keep The Same Visual Style Throughout Your Website. ...
  7. It Has To Be Unique.

What are 10 elements of a good Web page? ›

The Top 10 Most Important Elements of A Website Design
  • 1 Navigation. The website design should be easy to navigate and the menu items should easily accessible from any page. ...
  • 2 Visual Design. ...
  • 3 Content. ...
  • 4 Web Friendly. ...
  • 5 Interaction. ...
  • 6 Information Accessibility. ...
  • 7 Intuitiveness. ...
  • 8 Branding.

What are 3 things every website should have? ›

5 Things Every Website Should Include
  • Clear description of who you are.
  • Contact page.
  • Small chunks of information.
  • Easy mobile navigation.
  • Customer testimonials.
Oct 21, 2020

What are the most important pages on a website? ›

Although the importance of pages on a website will vary from business to business, we've identified five pages that every business website should optimise.
  1. Homepage. A website's homepage is often the first impression a potential client gets of a business. ...
  2. About page. ...
  3. Contact us page. ...
  4. Blog page. ...
  5. Search results page.
Oct 19, 2015

How do I create a Google contact form? ›

Create a new form

Choose an option: From forms.google.com, click Blank or choose a template. From drive.google.com, click New.

How do I create a contact form without plugins? ›

To add a contact form without a plug-in, you'll need to embed the form into your WordPress site. This involves copying an auto-generated string of code and pasting it into the text editor for your WordPress web page.

Are Wix contact forms free? ›

Easily create unlimited free contact forms to get more sign ups, collect RSVPs, event registrations, or let visitors contact you. Get automatic email notifications each time you get a new form response.

Is contact@ a good email address? ›

Email Address Tips

Do not use info@. That is an email address that spammers target. Instead, think of something more creative: hello@, contact@, letstalk@. Anything but info@, which will increase your spam levels exponentially!

Does a website need a contact page? ›

If you have a website for a business, it's essential to maintain a good contact page so that (potential) customers can contact you or find your store. Not only is it detrimental to UX if your visitors struggle to contact you, but you could also lose out on sales.

What makes a good one page website? ›

Keep it simple

Presentation is key to creating a successful one-page website. The most important thing to remember is that less is more. Before you create your site, think about your main message. Then make sure your text is easy to read and your content is short and to the point.

How can I create a page? ›

To create a Page:
  1. From the Pages section, click Create new Page.
  2. Add your Page name and category.
  3. Add your Page's bio and click Create.
  4. (Optional) Add information, such as Contact, Location and Hours, and click Next.
  5. (Optional) Add profile and cover photos, and edit the action button, and click Next.

What is the easiest page builder? ›

  1. SeedProd. The best landing page builder plugin for WordPress is SeedProd. ...
  2. Thrive Architect. Thrive Architect is a fast, visual page builder plugin for WordPress that's easy to use and has some pretty awesome features. ...
  3. Beaver Builder. ...
  4. Divi. ...
  5. Visual Composer Website Builder. ...
  6. Themify Builder. ...
  7. Elementor.
Jan 23, 2023

How do you create a Google site and publish your own custom website? ›

Create & name a Google site
  1. On a computer, open new Google Sites.
  2. At the top, under "Start a new site," select a template.
  3. At the top left, enter the name of your site and press Enter.
  4. Add content to your site.
  5. At the top right, click Publish.

What are the 5 basic types of Web pages? ›

Different types of websites call for their own unique style of web design.
Let's explore five popular types of websites along with best practices for designing them and helpful templates to get you started.
  • Ecommerce websites. ...
  • Personal websites. ...
  • Portfolio websites. ...
  • Small business websites. ...
  • Blog websites.
Nov 5, 2021

What are the 6 types of Web pages? ›

How many types of webpages are there?
  • Homepage.
  • Product Page.
  • Blog.
  • Landing Page.
  • About Page.
  • Contact Page.
  • Search Page.
  • Custom 404 Page.

What are the 7 Web page elements? ›

7 Elements of Modern Web Design
  • Responsive design. ...
  • Optimized architecture. ...
  • Usability/user experience. ...
  • Navigation. ...
  • Typography. ...
  • Imagery and iconography. ...
  • Color palette.

What makes a good website list? ›

7 Qualities of a Great Website
  • So, what makes a great website?
  • Well Designed and Functional. ...
  • Easy to Use. ...
  • Optimized for Mobile. ...
  • Fresh, Quality Content. ...
  • Readily accessible contact and location. ...
  • Clear calls to action. ...
  • Optimized for Search and the Social Web.

What are the 6 components that most good websites have? ›

Regardless of the approach, I have identified six components that every business website must have in order to be successful.
  1. Good Design. Among the first things on your task list is to design a good website. ...
  2. A Clear Call To Action. ...
  3. A Story Page. ...
  4. Organic Search Ranking. ...
  5. Social Proof. ...
  6. Mobile Responsiveness.
May 21, 2018

Is creating Google form free? ›

Google Forms is now a full-featured forms tool that comes free with your Google account. You can add standard question types, drag and drop questions into the order you want, customize the form with simple photos or color themes, and gather responses in Forms or save them to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Can I use Google Forms for a Contact Form? ›

Creating Your Contact Form in Google Forms

Google actually offers a pre-made "Contact Information" form in the templates gallery when you first log into your Google Forms account.

How much does it cost to create a Google form? ›

Google Forms is free for individual use, including 15GB of storage per user. The product also comes as part of the comprehensive Google Workspace package, which is priced as follows: Business Starter: $6 per user per month. Business Standard: $12 per user per month.

How do I make my own contact? ›

Open Contacts and click. Create contact. Enter the contact's name and add any contact information.

How do I create a simple contact form in WordPress? ›

Go to WPForms » Add New in your WordPress admin area. It'll open form setup page. Enter your form name and select the Simple Contact Form. This will open WPForms drag and drop form builder, and there you'll see a ready-to-use simple contact form.

How do I create a contact form in Excel? ›

How To Create A Form In Excel?
  1. Step 1: Make a quick Excel table. Open an Excel spreadsheet, and you'll start on the first sheet tab (by default). ...
  2. Step 2: Add data entry form option to the Excel ribbon. ...
  3. Step 3: Enter form data. ...
  4. Step 4: Restrict data entry based on conditions. ...
  5. Step 5: Start collecting data.
May 27, 2021

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for Wix? ›

You can create a website for free, and with a Premium plan you can connect your own domain, remove Wix ads from your site, and more. With most Premium plans, you'll receive a 1 year free domain voucher and vouchers for advertising on Google and Bing. For best value, we recommend our yearly or multi-year plans.

How much is Wix free? ›

Wix Free Plan

Unlike many website builders, Wix does offer a free plan. The plan includes up to 500MB of storage and bandwidth and online customer support. Users can still create a stunning website with this plan, but they will not be able to create a custom domain name and Wix ads will appear on every page.

How much do you have to pay for Wix? ›

Wix prices range from $16 per month to $59 per month (billed annually), plus a custom plan for large enterprises. The Combo plan is the cheapest at $16 per month, and gives you an ad-free site, whereas, the $22 per month Unlimited plan is best for freelancers.

What is a contact address example? ›

Contact Address means: mws-admin@amazon.com, with a copy to P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, Attn: Marketplace Web Service Support.

What is an example of contact information? ›

contact information means: the name of a person submitting a document or of a person on whose behalf a document is being submitted; telephone numbers; personal or business addresses; email addresses; employer identification and address; or similar facts that make it possible for another to contact a person who is named ...

What is a website contact form? ›

A contact form is a short web-based form published on a website. Any visitor can fill out the form and submit it to send a message to the site owner. Behind the scenes, your contact form triggers an email message to be generated and sent to your email inbox.

What is the safest email address? ›

14 Top Secure Email Providers in 2023
  1. ProtonMail. ProtonMail is the most well-known secure email provider. ...
  2. Mailbox.org. Mailbox.org is a secure email service aimed at business users looking for an alternative to Google or Microsoft tools. ...
  3. HubSpot. ...
  4. Zoho Mail. ...
  5. Tutanota. ...
  6. Posteo. ...
  7. Thexyz. ...
  8. PrivateMail.
Jan 24, 2023

What is the number 1 email? ›

According to Statista, Gmail is the most popular email client in today's world, with more than 1.5 billion active users globally. If you're going to focus on designing your emails for one email provider, Gmail is a good place to start.

Is Gmail a good email address? ›

Gmail is the overall best email service. Outlook is good for multiple app integrations. Yahoo has good spam blocking capabilities. Zoho Mail is the best option for home businesses.

What can I say instead of contact us? ›

Some ideas for what you can say instead of 'Contact Us' include:
  • Drop Us a Line.
  • Get in Touch.
  • Reach Out.
  • Let's Chat.
  • Talk to Us.
  • Get Ahold of Us.
Jul 6, 2022

What Makes a Good About Me page? ›

Getting Started: Step-By-Step Guide
  • Your 'About Me' page should convey:
  • What are you currently doing (in regard to your career) and how did you get there?
  • In terms of the work you do, what aspects are you most passionate about and why?
  • What do you consider some of your biggest professional and personal accomplishments?
Dec 3, 2022

What can I say instead of reply? ›

  • response.
  • answer.
  • rejoinder.
  • reaction.
  • retort.
  • return.
  • comment.
  • remark.

What can I say instead of cool when texting? ›

41 alternatives to the word 'cool'
  • Astonishing.
  • Bewitching.
  • Brilliant.
  • Captivating.
  • Charming.
  • Copacetic.
  • Delightful.
  • Dashing.
Apr 8, 2021

How do I start an All About Me page? ›

Tips for Writing an About Me Page
  1. Include a call to action. A call to action should be a simple action that you want your readers to take, like subscribing to your newsletter or filling out a signup form. ...
  2. Add imagery. ...
  3. Make it brief. ...
  4. Be true to your brand. ...
  5. Make it look nice.

How do I write a catchy about me? ›

How To Write A Compelling About Page
  1. Know who you're talking to. ...
  2. Don't just lead with the facts. ...
  3. Share your values. ...
  4. Show yourself. ...
  5. Tell the story of your professional journey. ...
  6. Tell people how you can help them. ...
  7. Demonstrate how you've provided solutions for others.
Sep 19, 2011

What makes a good personal profile? ›

A personal profile is a small paragraph at the very top of your CV that serves as an introduction of yourself but, most importantly, your career goals. It must summarise your work history, education, goals, and strengths while remaining clear, concise, and relevant to your job and industry targets.

What are the three types of contact? ›

  • Soft Contact Lenses. Soft contact lenses are made of soft, flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. ...
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses. ...
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses. ...
  • Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Contact Lenses.
Jan 16, 2018


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